Increase Your Energy By Decreasing This One Thing

lack of energy

Most people I work with have either energy problems, stress problems or both.

Thankfully, these are the easiest problems to rebalance and usually helps get the rest of the body back into optimal health (I say this lightly, because the one suggestion that can change everything is actually pretty hard to implement).

I’m going to tell you right here and right now 1 of the actions you can take to increase your energy.

When I tell you, promise me that you won’t run away, arms flailing, saying, “Never!”

You need to eliminate refined sugar

There are a few other key components to increase your energy, but let’s focus on this one thing today.

I’m not saying that you have to eliminate the sweet flavour or the pleasure of eating desserts. Actually, I was at a family event the other week and brought a delicious berry crumble for everyone to enjoy sans refined sugar and everyone did enjoy it (I hope. Grandma, I know you are on this mailing list. You enjoyed it right?).

There are healthier alternatives that can be enjoyed moderately instead. These include honey, maple syrup and coconut palm sugar.

They are sweet and they are delicious. And they can replace white sugar in every single recipe you have. Except for candy making…don’t try it with honey…it won’t turn out…unless you are a master chef and can figure it out…if you do, send me the recipe…please.

Personally, I have not consumed refined sugar for a very long time and all of a sudden, I can focus, I can catch things that are thrown at me (NEVER been able to do this before in my entire life), I have steady energy throughout the entire day, I’m happier, etc.

It doesn’t have to happen overnight (it didn’t for me) and it will probably feel really difficult at the beginning because your body will fight you. You will probably have a reaction. Do you know why? Because sugar is more addictive then cocaine.

So now you know where to begin. This is very possible! Let’s make it about goals.

If you find yourself crashing at 3pm, unable to focus for long periods of time, or having restless sleeps than try making one of these goals:

  • Replace one of your desserts this week with an apple drizzled in honey
  • Grab my Nutritionist’s Little Black Book and use those dessert recipes linked inside of it
  • Order a tea after dinner at a restaurant instead of dessert or specifically go to an organic restaurant that makes desserts with honey or maple syrup
  • Ordering  a Perrier instead of a soft drink
  • Buy unsweetened peanut butter over the other stuff

It’s about little choices here and there.

If you really want to get serious about increasing your energy and lessening your stress, I can make it SUPER easy for you if you want to work with me 1 on 1. I have tricks up my sleeve. Secret tricks.

Have a refined sugar free week my friends, and until next Monday, be well 😀

P.s. Refined sugar is the white stuff. It also includes high fructose corn syrup, and brown sugar. Even though it’s not refined, I also have a problem with cane sugar.

P.p.s. Leave a comment with your goal this week and I will hold you accountable.