We All Have Unique Nutrition Needs


Setting a Core Principle In Stone

Today I’m going to really set in stone one of the core principles of my nutrition practice, biochemical individuality. Basically this means that our bodies are all unique and therefore have different needs, nutritionally and otherwise.

At the same time, I truly believe that if one person was able to do something that seems impossible, than it’s proof that all people are able to do the same thing. The key here is that the person opened up that possibility for other humans (i.e. healing a chronic disease naturally), but it’s the other people who have to discover how to do it in their own way because one person’s “step-by-step” method is not universal.

I have a great quote from Udo Erasmus (of Fats that Heal, Fats that Kill):

“Some people cannot digest fresh salads without rice, and get diarrhea on the same salads that I consider a gift from heaven. Others cannot tolerate whole grains. Two spoonfuls of whole-grain cereal will send someone I know into severe depression with crying spells, confusion, and blackouts. Yet such a whole-grain based diet has helped people with extreme cases of cardiovascular disease and obesity regain their health. Some people on a ‘cleansing diet’, of raw vegetables and fruit may get cancer, even though cancer is usually associated with diets high in saturated fats and processed foods, and ‘cleansing diets’ usually help reverse cancer and degenerative diseases. What is good for us depends more on what our body needs than what the experts think.”

What’s important is that we know that if your goal has been successfully completed by another person in the past, than it is definitely possible for you. If your goal has not been successfully completed in the past by another human than it is still possible, it will just take a stretch of faith, and that the way to achieve this goal is different among every single human being on Earth.

We All Have Different Nutritional Needs

Every single human needs a different amount of fats, carbohydrates, and protein. Every person needs different amounts of key vitamins and minerals to sustain them. Every person is intolerant to different foods. (Recommended Daily Intakes of nutrients are really bogus, and basically only designed so that you get the absolute minimum of the nutrient to prevent things like scurvy – not designed to optimize your health whatsoever). Eggs are a superfood, yet so many people with skin conditions, digestive problems and other health issues are completely intolerant to them.

That means that it is time to throw out all of you diet books, unbookmark all of your health websites and really listen to your own body when it comes to making food choices. Never judge another person for their choices.

Food That NO HUMAN Needs

To take this one step further let me tell you now that a healthy body will never gently whisper for you to abuse it. What do I consider self-abuse?

  • Refined sugars, or excess simple sugars
  • White flour and refined grain products
  • White oils
  • Fried foods
  • Processed foods
  • Chemical preservatives

These foods are NEVER needed by the body and do not fit into anyone’s biochemical individuality. If an “expert” tells you the opposite of this, than run away as fast as possible.

The Way to Discover Your Unique Needs

Another way to figure out what you need/what you don’t need is to come and see me (I also help with symptoms). I am constantly dancing with my clients moving into different nutritional plans and out of them, trying different foods that work and discovering foods that don’t, watching their symptoms diminish and their health goals be achieved – all to get to the balance point where they discover how to eat in an optimal way for their entire lives.

And the complicated part is that what our bodies ask for changes through the weeks, months and years, and another goal of mine is to get people to the point (like where I personally am on my journey), where they are so attuned to their needs and fulfilling them that they know when they need more raw foods, or more protein foods, just intuitively, never attaching themselves to “one right way” of eating. Because there isn’t one.